Employer Faqs

Q. Are there any costs when employing an Apprentice?
A. If you employ an apprentice aged 16-18 you don’t have to pay a penny towards their training. You will also be entitled to a Government incentive payment. For apprentices aged 19+, you will be required to pay a 5% contribution. You will also be required to pay your Apprentice the National Minimum Apprenticeship Wage.

Q. How do I find an Apprentice?
A. Once you’ve made the decision to train an apprentice with GFT, our Recruitment Team will work with you to find a suitable candidate. Our team will advertise your vacancy for you on our website, social media channels and the government's vacancy matching service. We will also complete a pre-interview stage where we will get to know the candidate before sending their CVs over to you. Our team will be in contact with you throughout the whole process.

Q. How many hours does an Apprentice work?
A. Apprentices are usually required to work a minimum of 30 Hours per week. Keep in mind that apprentices are required to complete 20% ‘Off-the-job Training’ to help them develop the right skills and knowledge towards their qualification.

Q. What employment contracts do apprentices need?
A. All apprentices must have a contract of employment which is long enough for them to complete their apprenticeship. They must also have a job role that allows them to gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to achieve their apprenticeship.

Q. What is an EPA (End Point Assessment)?
A. All apprentices who are working towards an Apprenticeship Standard are required to complete an End Point Assessment in order to pass their qualification.

Q. Can I take on a Work Experience student?
A. Yes, we currently have students who are completing our Access Programmes that are looking for opportunities to put their new skills into practice. These placements are a great way for them to prepare for the real world of work, whilst offering you a helping hand. For more information on Work Experience placements, please contact our Recruitment Team on 0121 333 3001, or Email: recruitment@gordonfrankstraining.co.uk