Apprentice Faqs

Q. How much will I get paid on an Apprenticeship?
A. The National Minimum Apprenticeship Wage for Apprentices who are completing their first Apprenticeship is currently £4.20 per hour. However, this is set to increase in April 2021. To view the exact National Minimum Apprenticeship Wage for your circumstances, visit:
Please note that some Employers may be willing to pay above the National Minimum Apprenticeship Wage.

Q. How many hours a week is an Apprenticeship?
A. All vacancies that we offer through our Apprenticeship Programme are full-time positions.
Majority of our roles consist of 30+ hours per week in your workplace.
Some Childcare roles may be on a rota basis, meaning your Employer will decide on your working hours and this may change on a weekly basis. In addition to this, some Apprenticeship vacancies may include over-time or weekend shifts including Saturday or Sunday work.

Q. Can I complete an Apprenticeship after completing a Degree?
A. Yes! You can complete an Apprenticeship after completing a Degree but your Apprenticeship sector/industry must be different to the Degree qualification that you have previously completed. We cannot offer an Apprenticeship role to candidates who already have completed a Degree in a similar subject due to the duplication of units. Candidates who are repeating qualifications or units would not be eligible for Government funding.

Q. How old do I have to be to complete an Apprenticeship?
A. The minimum age for our Apprenticeship Programme is 16.
There is no maximum age for our Apprenticeship Programme.

Q. Can I complete an Apprenticeship whilst also completing another course at College or University?
A. You can only complete an Apprenticeship if you are not in Full-Time employment or Education/Study. This is due to time commitments and dual-funding. The Government will currently only fund you at one place of education at a time – meaning that you could not be funded for a college course and an Apprenticeship qualification. However, you can complete further study alongside your Apprenticeship if this is self-funded by yourself.

Q. Will I still receive my benefits whilst completing my Apprenticeship?
A. This will all depend on your circumstances. You can discuss this with our team during your interview or visit https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-work-pensions for more information.

Q. Why do I need an interview at GFT before I go to the Employers interview?
A. We currently interview all candidates who are eligible before we accept them onto our Apprenticeship Caseload. We must check that you are suitable for the role you are applying for, that you have relevant qualification and that you are knowledgeable about the Apprenticeship Process. This interview with us is also a great opportunity for you to gain more information about completing an Apprenticeship and a great place to practise your interview skills before being sent to the interview with the Employer.

Q. What is the eligibility criteria for an Apprenticeship?
A. We are currently accepting candidates who are: Are 16+, Not in Full-Time Education, Employment or Training (Or looking to start something new), Have a career choice, Are eligible to work in the UK, Have substantial work experience.
Your Maths and English grades may depend on which vacancy you’re applying for and your age.

Q. What should I wear to my interview at GFT?
A. We expect all candidates to dress in a smart and professional way to meet with our recruitment team. We want you to make a great first impression and show us how you would dress for an interview with an Apprenticeship employer. If you do not have the correct attire for an interview, our team will still see you.

Q. What happens if I refer my friend or family member to a GFT programme?
A. We currently offer a ‘Refer a Friend’ Scheme to all current students and Apprentices. This scheme rewards people who refer people that they know to our programmes. Please use a form that is in our Reception area or ask a member of Staff to register you for the scheme and you can receive £50 when you friend or family member complete 6 months.

Q. Will I get paid if I must complete a Work Trial before my Apprenticeship?
A. We cannot guarantee that our Apprenticeship employers will pay you whilst completing a work trial due to this being a period where they are deciding whether to accept you for the role. However, we do limit un-paid Work Trials to a maximum of a week to make it fair for both the candidate and the employer.

Q. How long does it take after the interview at GFT to get placed onto an Apprenticeship?
A. Our team work hard to place candidates into an Apprenticeship role as soon as possible. However, we aim to ensure that all candidates are matched to a company that meets their needs, support and progression desires. The interview process with our Apprenticeship employers can also take time, as the employer must decide which of our candidates they want to employ. Throughout this process, our recruitment team will be contacting you to provide updates as well as seeing if you are interested in other roles.