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Why Investing In Young Talent Is Important For Your Business

Oct. 12, 2021, 11:14 a.m.
Ensuring your business invests money, time and training into young, upcoming talent is essential for business growth and success. We believe injecting your workforce with younger employees offers a variety of benefits, and through the use of Apprenticeships, Traineeships and the Kickstart Scheme you can make the most of new talent within a diverse range of industry sectors. Below our team have highlighted why investing in young talent should be at the top of your priority list in regards to planning for your business's future.

1. Filling Skills Gaps

It’s common for employers to view a strong team as a collection of employees who all have years of experience, trusted skill sets and a heavy load of knowledge behind them. However, by keeping this tunnel vision, they often miss out on the qualities that a younger employee, with less experience, training and knowledge could offer to the team.

Start by assessing your current workforce and identify any gaps within skills and abilities that are contributing to how your business contributes to growth. Consider the diversity of your team, are all team members from a particular industry background? Are they all of a similar ability? Do they all have skillsets reflected from years of experience?

2. Young talent can offer fresh ideas, spirit and motivation

Leading on from this, we can vouch that young talent often brings diverse qualities to the table that experienced employees may not be able to access. This includes creativity with ideas, a fresh perspective on life and how this impacts business, a free spirit that can be moulded to their new role and also a new spark of motivation that can often be spread infectiously around other members of the workforce.

Young people who are seeking new opportunities to kick-start their career will have a strong desire to learn and stay motivated. With the correct training, you can offer a young person a path to progression, aiming to support them with a variety of responsibilities that will help to adapt and develop their careers - making them competent within all aspects of your business operations in the future.

3. Plan for your businesses future

All businesses have to think about the future. Investing in young talent can ensure that your business commits to the potential of having long standing staff in the future, who could climb the ladder of your business's workforce structure. Promoting the investment of new staff at a lower level, also highlights to your current workforce that you are thinking about the growth of your business and helps them to remain committed by feeling valued and understood with their role too.

4. Contribute to the growth of your sector

Offering opportunities to young people within your business will allow your industry or sector to continue growth within the labour market. You’ll be contributing to the development of new talent, who could be leaders in your sector in the future. Making room for new recruits also helps to refresh training programmes, and keeps the sector's quality of recruitment at a high. With the use of traineeships, or apprenticeships, you will be ensuring that the latest talent entering the sector has received a high level of experience and skills training to pass on in the future.

5. Make use of government funded programmes and training opportunities

If you’re thinking about starting the process of recruiting new talent, you should invest time into researching the options available. A great way to start would be by looking into government schemes like Apprenticeships, Traineeships, T Levels, as well as the latest Plan For Jobs initiative called ‘The Kick-Start Scheme’. All options offer different incentives and support to both businesses and young people throughout the process of injecting new talent into different industry sectors in the UK.
For more information on the options offered by the Government:

Kickstart Scheme:
T Levels:

If you wish to speak to a member of our Recruitment Team, they would be happy to offer information, advice and guidance with how your business could invest in young talent using any of the Government Schemes.