What To Wear To An Interview

July 5, 2022, 10:17 a.m.
If this is your first interview, or perhaps you haven't had an interview in a while, you may be worrying about what to wear and which clothing choices are suitable. The first step is to plan in advance! The last thing you want to do is be panicking on the day of your interview, sifting through your wardrobe.

With any interview it's important you dress to impress. Now, this doesn't mean wearing your most expensive trainers or your brightest t-shirt, this means wearing clothes that are going to show the employer that you are professional and prepared for work.

The majority of employers will want to meet candidates who are dressed in a way that suits their workplace. Ahead of your interview, we recommend researching the companies culture and dress code, considering what their employees wear and the environment you may be working in.

In a formal environment such as an interview, assessment day or an induction day, we would recommend dressing in professional, business attire with the acceptation of smart casual if it applies. Below, our team have listed a few items for both men and women to wear:

- Suit jacket and trousers
- Collared shirt, not a polo
- Tie
- Tailored trousers
- Smart Leather shoes (Dark and polished)

- Blazers
- Modest dress (Knee length or longer)
- Buttoned shirts
- Low heeled or flat shoes (Toes covered)
- Tailored / Suit trousers

There are a few rules for interview outfits, see below:
- Limit your accessories or jewellery
- Ensure your clothes are in good condition, not ripped or faded
- Make sure your clothes are fresh and have been washed prior to wearing them
- Don't wear anything too revealing
- Make sure you're comfortable in what you wear
- Don't wear a hat or a cap
- Consider how much you're bringing with you (Coat, Bag, Scarf etc)

Following the pandemic, we have also seen the rise of video interviews taking place on Zoom, Google or Teams. Despite the interview being virtual, you must still consider your attire and look presentable. Dressing for the part will also encourage you to feel more confident and ready to answer the questions. When on video call, we recommend wearing the full outfit (Not just the top half!), as well as your shoes.

If you have an apprenticeship or placement interview with one of our employers, and you're unsure on what to wear to your interview, please contact your Tutor or our Recruitment Team for further guidance.

Best of luck!