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What Is A Training Provider?

March 15, 2021, 3:43 p.m.
Never heard of a Training Provider?

Below we have provided a quick overview on what organisations like us do, and how they support Young People, Schools, Apprentices and Employers.

In simple terms, a Training Provider is an organisation that delivers vocational courses and specific training to young people and adults.

Unlike other further education institutes like Colleges or Sixth Forms, Training Providers are private companies and are not managed by the Government. They are however funded for a large section of the training they deliver. Due to being funded, Training Providers are controlled by Government Bodies and are required to undergo assessments from organisations like Ofsted.

Training Providers, also known as Independent Learning Providers, often offer training for the following:

- Apprenticeships
- Vocational Qualifications
- Study Programmes (Ages 16-19)
- Traineeships
- Commercial Training

Research completed by the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), shared that three-quarters of UK Apprenticeships are offered through Training Providers like us!

Training Providers don't only support young people and adults looking to gain new skills; they also support Employers. This is often provided through an Apprenticeship where the Training Provider will work closely with an Employer to take them through the process of employing an Apprentice for their organisation as well as providing the Training required for their new apprentice to achieve their qualifications.

Services that can be provided by a Training Provider to an Employer can include:

- Sourcing and recruiting the correct candidates
- Developing training plans specific to the employer and apprentices needs
- Support the Apprentice and Employer with any concerns or issues throughout the duration of the apprenticeship
- Provide the Employer with Work Experience students to support their business growth
- Apprenticeship administration support

If you have any questions regarding what a Training Provider is, or how they could support you, please submit an enquiry through our Contact Us page.