We've Maintained Our Matrix Accreditation!

June 20, 2022, 2:10 p.m.
GFT are delighted to announce that we have maintained our Matrix Standard Assessment, following a recent review.

The Matrix Standard, is an international quality Standard for organisations that deliver information, advice and/or guidance (IAG). This Standard helps providers, like GFT, to improve their services by benchmarking against best practice and it offers accreditation to those that meet the full standard.

Firstly, we would like to thank all members of the GFT team who participated in the assessment, as well as working hard to improve upon feedback from previous visits from Matrix. We'd also like to share our thanks to our Students, Apprentices, stakeholders, and employers, who kindly shared their thoughts on their experience with us to support the Matrix Standard assessment.

A number of strengths were identified during the assessment, these include:

- Planning systems and processes remain a strength of the organisation. The Three-Year
Strategic Plan, the Self-Assessment Report and the Quality Improvement Plans provide clear
outlines of what the organisation has achieved, what it wants to achieve and how it intends to
do so, with welcome references to the importance of IAG.

- The organisation has maintained its ethos of promoting inclusion and social mobility. There
is a continued recognition that learners from disadvantaged backgrounds need to develop and
demonstrate key behaviours for them to achieve their goals and the focus on employability
behaviours is a clear feature within all learning provision.

- There is also the promotion of Inclusive Apprenticeships that help those with Education, Health & Care Plans or who are care-experienced additional support in accessing opportunities. Learners are able to recognise this focus from a very early stage in their learning; one who has been on programme for less than a month described how they were learning “the attitude, etiquette and discipline needed for business.

- Feedback from learners and employers about the organisation is very positive. Learners are able to articulate what is being taught to them and can see how their programme is a stepping stone to their career ambitions. There is a recognition that they often need to develop their skills and behaviours, but also that the organisation has to sometimes give them difficult messages, but it does so in a way that is “caring, while being firm but fair”. Other learners recognise the support they have received in relation to personal issues and one described staff as “looking out for all of us”.

- Employers believe that GFT is very responsive to the needs of learners, especially those with additional needs. Interventions take account of these needs and the organisation is described as “intuitive” in its
understanding of how to support such learners.

- Quality systems within learning provision are strong and have an impact on developing provision.

- The GFT website, is clear, crisp, professional, and user-friendly, with one-click access to all areas. In addition to the information on learning programmes, there is plenty of information on wellbeing and work/life balance and the site also has a number of Hubs, including one for parents / carers so that they can understand what is on offer a Careers Hub has lots of information about pathways. The Employer Hub provides employers with all the information they need to know about apprenticeships and other funding for learning. The site synchronises with various social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.