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Up-Skill Your Staff Using an Apprenticeship

Dec. 16, 2020, 5:31 p.m.
With Apprenticeships now available to more people than ever before, this is a great opportunity for employers to build their current employees confidence and expand their skill set to enable them to achieve more in their job role.

Firstly, an Apprenticeship is a training programme that allows you to earn whilst you learn. It means that you will gain a nationally recognised qualification or standard whilst working as a contracted employee. This allows people to gain all the right skills to be qualified for the job role whilst also gaining real work experience in their chosen industry. With Apprenticeships now available in the majority of industries and at all skill levels up to a degree, they are now becoming one of the most effective routes into employment.

In the past Apprenticeships have been seen as a programme that is strictly for younger people or 'beginners' who are struggling to get into work or further study but this stigma is now seen to be changing and an Apprenticeship is becoming a great way to develop all the right skills that the industry is demanding.

In May 2017, the Government announced that Apprenticeship funding will now be available to everyone ages 16+, this means that Employers can utilise our Apprenticeship Programme to employ or up-skill their current staff at any age or skill level. As an employer, you may want to ask why your staff would need to complete an Apprenticeship if they already have secured a role in your company. Our answer to this is that an Apprenticeship can do a lot more than just give somebody a job.

According to a recent survey carried out by HR Magazine, it has been found that after receiving training and development employees productivity rate increased by 37%. 65% of Employees say that training and development positively affects their attitude about their job.

This means that up-skilling your staff with an Apprenticeship can have incredible benefits, and can help people at all levels progress with their career whilst continuing in their role.

To find out more about up-skilling your employees with our Apprenticeship Programme call 0121 333 3001 or submit an enquiry via our contact page.