Star Apprentice of the Year Award 2022 | Winners Announced

Feb. 11, 2022, 2:01 p.m.
Every year we celebrate the success of our apprentices during National Apprenticeship Week. To show our appreciation for their hard work, dedication and commitment we run a Star Apprentice of the Year Award to commend those who have gone over and above.

As we approach the end of National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we are delighted to announce this years winners and runner up...

The 16 to 18 apprenticeship category winner has been awarded to Ayah Al-Shamiry, who is currently completing a Business Administrator Level 3 apprenticeship with us at GFT. Ayah's Manager complimented her by touching on how she has quickly become an asset to the team and wider organisation. Further comments from Ayah's manager include "Her attitude, behaviour and conduct is faultless, she is a role model to other students especially those on the Study Programme who aspire to do an Apprenticeship like Ayah."

The winner of our 19+ apprenticeship category has been named as Stacey Campbell, who is completing a Business Administration Level 3 Apprenticeship with a leading Recruitment Company. When stacey received her nomination, she expressed "I am shocked to receive this nomination, but it has shown me that my hard work, my passion and my willingness to learn has been noticed". Stacey is a fantastic example of how being dedicated, committed and open to new opportunities can enable the apprenticeship route can lead to an excellent career journey.

Our team have also shared special commendations to Sufia Begum, who has received our Runner Up award. Sufia is currently completing her Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship with a leading Healthcare Practice. When asked why she should be nominated for the Award, Sufia explained "I have developed transferable skills that I can use in other parts of my life, such as using my own initiative and working things out on my own".

All of our Star Apprentice of the Year winners are promoting our Apprenticeship Programme to the highest of standards, and showing that with an Apprenticeship you can achieve more than expected within your career. We look forward to supporting them with their continued career path, and cannot wait to see them progress!

If you're considering taking the apprenticeship route, like our winners, visit our 'Find an Apprenticeship' page: https://www.wearegft.co.uk/vacancies/