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Options For Progression After Your Apprenticeship

April 12, 2021, 10:42 a.m.
Completing an apprenticeship is a fantastic achievement, it shows you have displayed key employability skills, gained practical experience and also the essential knowledge to complete your job role to a high standard.

Whilst you should be excited to finish, and take time to celebrate your achievements, it is also really important that you are aware of the progression routes available so you can continue with your career development.

In this blog, we are going to highlight the options available once you complete your training. Having knowledge on these options will help you to plan ahead, and will also give you an idea of the route you're going to take in the future.

Firstly, it's important to mention that a high percentage of apprentices will stay in employment with their employer. With a recent survey sharing that 85% of apprentices will stay in employment, and two-thirds (64%) remaining with the same employer. This is excellent for apprentices who have the opportunity to continue progressing with the same company who invested in them.

If you're aware that your employer is considering keeping you in employment, you could either consider progressing onto the next level of your apprenticeship or you could continue in normal employment completing a similar role. This decision will be dependant on your employers needs, and they may already have things planned for you if you do decide to stay with them.

Alternatively, if you feel you're ready to move onto a new role or opportunity with a different employer, you could either look for apprenticeships at a higher level or you could consider going into normal employment. Moving onto another company could also open the door for you to apply your skills and knowledge to another sector or industry. This is great for diversifying your experience!

The benefits of progressing onto the next level of your apprenticeship could include:

Further your skills and knowledge in a particular sector
Gain more experience in a particular role
Receive a higher level of training, helping you to expand on your previous learnings
Ensure the training you are receiving is to a high standard
Receive an accredited qualification for your achievements
Another option that some apprentices are not aware of, is completing a Degree or higher level of education. Depending on the level you have achieved with your apprenticeship, you could go back into education by joining a college course, a HND, Undergraduate or Masters Degree. It's important to understand which levels lead onto which type of education. An example of this would be if you completed an 'Advanced' apprenticeship (Level 3 or 4), these are equivalent to A Levels and therefore you will receive UCAs points to put towards your application for University. To understand more, click here.

If you are approaching the end of your apprenticeship, and wish to recieve further support with deciding on your next career move - Chat with our Careers Team via our Careers Hub.