Options After Completing Your Apprenticeship

Jan. 25, 2022, 2:02 p.m.
Completing your apprenticeship is a fantastic achievement, ​​however this can be an overwhelming process if you’re unsure on what to do next. It's important to realise that there are a ton of incredible choices that will be accessible to you once you’ve finished your apprenticeship journey. These options can offer you opportunities to continue your development with the company you’ve worked alongside, or alternatively you can take the skills and experience you’ve gained and adapt them to a new path in your career.

Apprenticeship graduates often assume that once their apprenticeship is complete, that is the end of the placement with your current employer. However, it’s known that a high number of apprenticeship employers decide to continue the development of their new talent by offering them a full-time role, advancing their apprentice onto a higher level of study, or even offering promotions within the company. Keep in mind that employers have initially invested in your training, where you have acquired a great deal of useful, hands on experience and abilities that you can continue to use in various ways. Employers may want to continue their investment following the impressive impact you may have made within the company - meaning you will be a valuable asset to them in the future.

If your current apprenticeship employer decides that there isn’t a role available within their company, it’s important to remain positive and utilise the skills, training and experience you have gained to progress onto new opportunities. These opportunities could either be driven into further education/study, progression onto a higher level of work-based training, a fresh start into a full time employment role or even a signal to adapt your current expertise by challenging yourself in a new sector of work. All of these options show that your apprenticeship completion has made a positive impact on your career development, and this is something to be proud of!

An option that not many apprentices think of, is to transition back into education following the achievement of their apprenticeship qualification or standard. If you’ve completed an Advanced or Higher Apprenticeship, you will most likely have the relevant requirements to then apply for a University course. This means your apprenticeship has offered a fantastic stepping stone into further education, as well as having the benefit of work experience on your side. If you’ve completed an Intermediate apprenticeship, you can also utilise these qualifications to re-enter the education system with a college, further developing your skills and knowledge to achieve a long-term career goal.

Keep in mind that apprenticeship levels range up to Master Degree (Level 7), meaning if you had the ambition to continue your working life whilst aiming for a high level of education in your chosen field you can do so. An example of industries that are currently offering Degree Apprenticeships include: Business Administration, Childcare and Education, Construction, Creative and Design, Digital, Engineering, Health and Science, Legal, Finance and Public Services. Further information regarding Degree Level Apprenticeships, can be found here: https://www.ucas.com/apprenticeships/what-you-need-know-about-apprenticeships/degree-apprenticeships-0