How We Embed Sustainability Into Our Curriculums

April 25, 2022, 8:52 a.m.
Last week, GFT celebrated Earth Day by reminding ourselves of the importance of investing in our planet. Over recent years, GFT and the PQMS group have begun to implement a variety of initiatives to ensure that Sustainability is an integral part of how we operate as a business and how we deliver our training.

Here at GFT, we’ve worked hard to embed sustainability into all of our curriculums. This includes all of our Access Programmes (Study Programmes), as well as our Business Administrator, Management and Early Years Apprenticeship Standards.

With students ages 16 to 18 (or 19 to 24 with an EHCP) being guided through their journey to employment on our Access Programmes, we found it vital to embed Sustainability into the curriculum as a component to their successful development. During their time with us, students are introduced to the 17 sustainability global goals, where they then watch training videos on pollution, plastic waste and global poverty. Our students then use these themes to debate and discuss as part of their English functional skills task (speaking and listening), which highlights freedom of speech to form part of British values. Students are also given a task to identify a person or a department where they can write a professional letter regarding their concerns as part of a writing exercise.

As part of our apprenticeship programmes, sustainability goals are embedded in a majority of sessions including climate change. Learners are made aware of how these are important and should be considered in the workplace. Some learners have also used sustainability as their topic for their end point assessment.

GFT is committed to continue implementing sustainability as a key value for the business in the future. We have also ensured all team members are aware of the Hexatronic Sustainability Road Map and the Annual Sustainability Report, to further improve wider company awareness of the climate priority.