How Our Access Programmes Support Young People With Entering Employment

Dec. 6, 2021, 6:07 p.m.
Our Access Programmes have been designed for young people ages 16 to 18 (or 19 to 24 with an EHCP) with the aim to provide essential personal development and employability skills so that students are fully prepared for the world of work.

This specialist programme offers a completely different way of learning that will not only help students kick-start a great career, but will help them achieve things they never thought possible and succeed in every aspect of their life. Our programme has been designed with engaging activities and sessions that replicate aspects of working life, it is nothing like school, sixth form or college.

Before completing our programme, students will have the option to specialise in Administration, Early Years, Sports Coaching. A general Access To Employment Programme is also available for students who are unsure of their career choice, or are looking for a career into a different sector.

This programme aims to ensure students have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience before entering the real working world. Below our team have listed 5 things our Access Programmes can help students with…

1. Personal & Social Development

Students often start our programmes with little confidence and self belief. They are often straight out of School, or haven’t been engaged in education or training for a period of time and are lacking the personal skills needed to succeed in their careers. Our tutors work alongside students to recognise their potential, and bring forward their inner confidence to succeed outside of their comfort zone.

Activity based sessions included in our 10-Week Induction include: Posture and Articulation, Mindfulness and Team Building. These sessions are delivered in an active environment where students are encouraged to take a leap into the unknown and test themselves - as they may experience in the work environment.

2. Career Planning

Students deciding on their progression after they leave Education can be one of the most stressful and pressured decisions they’ll have to make. During our 10-week Induction, they’ll have the opportunity to engage in targeted Career Development sessions, whilst working alongside our Tutors to research career options and plan their future steps to entering the world of work in a role you feel you’ll excel at. They’ll then be offered a valuable work experience placement with a real employer within their chosen sector, to support them with entering the working world. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to experience what their job role may be like, before committing to further education, training or employment.

3. Key Employability Skills

Throughout our Access Programme, students will be given specific training and opportunities to develop key employment skills such as; Timekeeping, Attendance, Punctuality, Positive Attitude, Desire to work and learn, Independence and Team Working. Our programme also includes specific sessions to help students develop skills that will be vital through the application process of securing a job. Sessions include; CV Writing and Interview Skills.

Whilst on our programme, they’ll also be attending a realistic work environment, where they’re required to attend on time, with a good attitude, and show respect to their colleagues and other members of staff. This programme is not like School, College or Sixth Form, and by treating our Training Centre like the working environment, students will be able to adjust to the working environment much easier.

4. Maths and English Qualifications

If students have left Education without Maths and English GCSE grades, they’ll have the option to complete sessions that will lead up to re-taking the relevant qualifications they need to secure employment in their chosen sector of work. We have dedicated Functional Skills Tutors, which deliver tailored sessions throughout the programme, before starting their work experience placement. Our Tutors will be there to support students throughout their journey, ahead of completing exams.

5. Gaining Valuable Work Experience

The final stage of our Access Programmes includes a valuable work placement with a real employer from the students chosen sector of work. This means they will have the opportunity to showcase their newly developed skills, knowledge and confidence in front of an employer who may provide them with a positive reference to take forward into the next chapter. Some employers who have offered work placements to previous students, have been so impressed that they’ve then continued with an Apprenticeship and permanent employment! This is a fantastic experience that will support students with understanding whether their career choice is realistic, and most importantly enjoyable. To complete this stage of the programme, each student will be supported by our Employment Coach, who will direct them in the right path to finding a suitable employer to join for work experience - we do our best to match every student with an employer we feel will support their individual needs and career aspirations.

If you wish to refer a young person to our Access Programmes, please visit the Academy section on our website menu to find out more and submit an application.