Entering the Sports Industry with Our Access to Sport Programme

April 8, 2022, 2:51 p.m.
From May 2022, we’ll be launching our refreshed Access to Sport Programme based at Goals Perry Barr. This programme offers a fantastic route into employment for young people ages 16 to 18 (19 to 24 with an EHCP), who are looking to pursue a career in the sports or coaching industry.

Our team of coaches have shared insight into the new programme, as well as answering everything you need to know.

Our Access to Sport Programme will be aimed at young people, ages 16 to 18 (19 - 24 with an EHCP), who have a particular interest in pursuing a career within sport or coaching. Our programme is also a great fit for School Leavers, who would like to further their knowledge and experience within Sport, if they didn’t have the opportunity to take it as an option during Year 10/11 or have studied at GCSE level but conventional College / Sixth Form is not suitable for them. Ideally, this programme will benefit young people who have made an active career choice, however, may be lacking in work experience in the sports sector.

This programme is adaptable to both students with little to no qualifications, as well as those who left school with qualifications. We have also developed this programme to suit young people from the North Birmingham area (including Handsworth), where there is a high number of BAME males, and those from ethnic minorities who are not in education, employment, or training (NEET)

We have developed the Access to Sport Programme to provide a high level of support to those who may be building on their aspirations and goals after dropping out of further education, school, as well as those with Mental Health or Special Educational Needs. The main aim will be to provide tailored support to students who are ready to take their first steps into employment.

Our Access to Sport Programme offers a new way of learning in comparison to classroom-based learning at School, College, or Sixth Form. The programme includes a combination of personal development including self-belief, emotional wellbeing, workplace behaviours, goal setting and preparing all students for the world of work. These developmental sessions will also be combined with the opportunity to compete in sports, to a semi-professional level and gain the skills and qualifications for a career in delivering sports coaching. Embedded into the curriculum will also be maths and English sessions for those who are looking to achieve higher grades, leading to enhanced employability. We finalise this programme with a valuable work placement with high level employers in the sports industry to offer participants the opportunity to engage in a real working environment.

With the delivery and completion of this programme, we aim to help create the next generation of sports coaches; as well as inspiring students to continue their journey into higher education or an apprenticeship.

We have modelled the programme around a variety of learning methods, to ensure students gain the most out of each session. To do this, the delivery of the course will be through a combination of interactive, online, and practical learning. Sessions will include group work, creative play, group exercises, online courses, personality tests and activities both in the classroom and on the sports pitch. All of these delivery methods will help our tutors to determine the learning style of each participant, check that learning is taking place and support them with the best approach throughout the duration of the programme.

Following completion of this programme, we will encourage students to aim for employment opportunities within Schools and educational facilities to deliver sports coaching sessions. We will also install aspiration within students to continue their journey through further and higher education, including degree level courses in Sports Coaching, Sports and Nutrition and Sports Development. If students prefer, we can also support them with progression onto practical learning in the form of apprenticeships, or alternatively self-employment opportunities. For students who are keen on progressing with their sports career, we can provide support alongside them competing in competitive football leagues and the opportunity to play semi-professionally.

We believe our Access to Sport Programme is a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain the relevant skills, knowledge, experience, and support ready to progress with their career in the sports industry. Applications for our May 2022 start date are now open, and spaces will be highly competitive.

To find out more, visit: https://www.wearegft.co.uk/programmes/access-to-sport-5/
To submit an application: https://www.wearegft.co.uk/apply-now/
To refer a young person, please E-Mail: recruitment@wearegft.co.uk or call 0121 333 3001

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