#AskAnApprentice | Ayah Al-Shamiry

Feb. 7, 2022, 12:33 p.m.
To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we are asking our Apprentices to share their experience of becoming an apprentice and how It has impacted their career journey. We recently chatted to Ayah, who is currently completing a Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship with us at GFT.

1. Who or what inspired you to complete an Apprenticeship?

I surprisingly was my own inspiration to complete an Apprenticeship, I never really enjoyed the thought of going down the academic route although I got very good grades, it just didn’t seem like something I would enjoy moving forward. I had always known apprenticeships was an option however didn’t really know the meaning of one. So, I took action and did my own research. This is because I am very practical and would rather work and learn at the same time, this way I would get the best of both worlds!

2. What do you enjoy the most about your role and why?

I enjoy the fact that there is always something to do. If you are someone like me who loves to keep busy, in my role as an admin, you can never have nothing to complete, nothing to create, nothing to send, nothing to upload, it is near enough impossible, however if you have the constant drive and determination, you gradually enjoy what you do and it becomes more of a habit. I love this about my role as although admins are not very out in the open, their impact could do a lot to a business and that makes me feel content to know that I am helpful to many within my role.

3. How do you think an Apprenticeship has improved or opened up your career options?

I believe an apprenticeship has improved and opened my career options significantly! This is because it has given me the experience in so many different activities whether than be printing, creating documents, using different software/websites, organising my time/tasks/appointments, scheduling meetings and so much more. I not only gain a qualification out of this apprenticeship, but I have also gained so much knowledge about the outside world and how a workplace operates. This is very beneficial for my future and career option as it has widened my span of understanding. Therefore, I strongly believe an apprenticeship is probably one of the best academic decisions I have ever made!

4. What advice would you give to other people considering an apprenticeship as a route into employment?

My advice to others about considering an apprenticeship as a route into employment is to just go for it. It is a complete shift from going to schools and having someone teach you however it gives you lifelong skills such as independence and confidence. An apprenticeship is a small step pushing you into the world of employment which is the end goal for many so why not take that small step now? If you are more of a practical person who enjoys learning something whilst doing it and can also adapt to change well, then an apprenticeship is for you! Take the leap and watch your outlook on education change. Schools don’t teach you about the real world of employment unless you are in it so take action!

5. What do you think is the biggest benefit of completing an Apprenticeship?

The biggest benefit of completing an apprenticeship is the knowledge gained. I believe the knowledge gained will stick with me forever and will help me in general life and not just in employment. Not only will it help me, but it will also allow me to help others which is also beneficial as I am able to share knowledge from my own experiences. It is like a blessing in disguise and as Francis Bacon said, ‘Knowledge is Power’.

If you're looking to complete a Business Administration apprenticeship like Ayah, visit our 'Find An Apprenticeship' page and browse our current vacancies.

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