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Ask An Apprentice - Matthew

Dec. 17, 2020, 11:52 a.m.
As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, we are highlighting the impact of Apprenticeships by participating in the #AskAnApprentice initiative. We have asked learners who are currently on our Apprenticeship Programme to answer key questions, in hope that we can inspire the prospective learners to kick-start their career.

Today we have featured Matthew, who is currently completing his Level 3 Early Years Educator Apprenticeship at Shenley Fields Nursery School.

Who or what inspired you to complete an Apprenticeship?

I didn't like the idea of University and I always thought that gaining experience whilst earning an income is better than getting a degree, yet having no experience in anything.

What do you enjoy the most about your role and why?

I love working with the children, seeing them grow up and learn. It is fantastic to be part of a child's development.

How do you think an Apprenticeship has improved or opened up your career options?

After I have completed my level 3 I can get any childcare job I want, if I went to uni this would not be the case. Apprenticeships are wonderful.

What advice would you give to other people considering an apprenticeship as a route into employment?

That they should definitely go down that route as it leads to many more employment possibilities than university ever could.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of completing an Apprenticeship?

Gaining experience. Workplaces now don't care so much about degrees, they look for experience, which is what apprenticeships supply you with.