Apprentice of the Year 2021: Mya Bushell

March 15, 2021, 3:30 p.m.
During National Apprenticeship Week 2021, we announced the winner and runners up of our Apprentice of the Year Award. We were delighted to share that this year's winner was named as Mya Bushell, who is currently working with AE Aerospace whilst completing her Business Administration Apprenticeship.

Mya has been recognised for her achievements after receiving exemplary feedback from her employer, with special recognition from the company Directors.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Mya was the only member of her team to be working from the office. This meant she had to take on additional tasks whilst maintaining her own workload. Mya has recently been pushed by her employer to step out of her comfort zone more often, as they know she is capable with their support. Mya's employer ended their feedback with 'She is our superstar'.

Below, Mya has completed a short Q & A which aims to provide further insight into her journey on our Apprenticeship Programme...

1) Tell me a little about why you wanted to complete this apprenticeship

I wanted to complete this apprenticeship as this allows me to have qualifications behind me for the future.

2) What value has the apprenticeship programme brought to you so far?

The apprenticeship program has introduced me to a company where I have become so confident and understanding of how the world works. I have been able to gain the knowledge that I will need for when I am out in the world on my own and skills that could be used anywhere and everywhere

3) Has it given you what you thought it would, so far– any surprises?

Every day has been a chance to learn something new and I have been surprised by everything that I have learned so far as it has shown me that I am much capable of more than I thought I was.

4) What would you say to any apprentices considering an apprenticeship programme?

An Apprenticeship is the best way forward, this allows you to be practical, knowledgeable, and independent all at the same time. While also earning an income you will be able to manage and save. An apprenticeship will teach you how to behave within a work environment and give you skills that you will be able to bring to other jobs if you happen to move on.

5) What knowledge and skills have your learnt so far on your apprenticeship journey?

My apprenticeship journey has shown me a wider picture and introduced me to life, teaching me skills such as how to manage money, how to speak with the correct mannerisms, how to pay bills, apply for loans, etc.

If you have been inspired by Mya's journey, why not consider completing an Apprenticeship? You can view all of our current apprenticeship vacancies on our website.