Apprentice Of The Month: Evita Greve

Oct. 18, 2021, 11:04 a.m.
Each month we like to celebrate the achievements of individual Apprentices who have gone over and above to achieve their qualification.

For the month of September, we have chosen Evita Greve as a worthy winner. Evita has been presented with our Apprentice of the Month award, alongside a £10 Amazon Voucher.

Evita is currently completing her Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship with our team here at GFT. Below, she has provided us with insight into how her Apprenticeship is going, as well as giving advice to anyone considering completing an Apprenticeship to kick-start their career.

1. Tell us a little about why you wanted to complete this Apprenticeship...

I wanted to have experience in the business sector; a more professional and structure focused environment was everything I needed to bring some order to my life after studying the ‘Fine arts’ at university.

2. What value has the apprenticeship programme brought to you so far?

GFT has taught me that my time is more valuable when it is spent helping others and that being part of the educational sector is incredibly rewarding. The apprenticeship programme has given me the opportunity to further progress with my education and give me all the tools I need for a successful career and a fulfilling life.

3. Has it given you what you thought it would, so far– any surprises?

The programme is very well organised, the tutors are supportive to their apprentices, and the tutorials allow you to engage actively with the session. However, this is most certainly not a surprise, it’s the kind of quality that I know GFT works hard to achieve when delivering the qualification.

4. What would you say to any apprentices considering an apprenticeship programme?

Please give the GFT recruitment team a call, you won’t regret it.

5. What knowledge and skills have your learnt so far on your apprenticeship journey?

- How to conduct professional interviews
- Company procedures and policies
- Organisation
- Time management
- Communication
- Attention to detail
- Problem-solving
- Multi-tasking

If you are considering completing an Apprenticeship in Business Administration, like Evita, please visit our Apprenticeship Vacancies page and apply now.