Apprentice Of The Month: Darian Lambert

May 17, 2022, 11:21 a.m.
Each month we like to celebrate the achievements of individual Apprentices who have gone over and above to achieve their qualification.

For the month of April we have chosen Darian Lambert as a worthy winner. Darian has been presented with our Apprentice of the Month award, alongside a £10 Amazon Voucher.

Below, Darian has provided us with insight into how their Apprenticeship is going, as well as giving advice to anyone considering completing an Apprenticeship to kick-start their career.

1. Tell me a little about why you wanted to complete this apprenticeship?

I want to complete this Apprenticeship to go on to become a teacher, this apprenticeship is a great start to become that.

2. What value has the apprenticeship brought to you so far?

It has given me a huge amount of confidence in myself, it also has given all different kind of useful certificates and qualifications.

3. Has it given you what you thought it would, any surprises?

It has given me more, I thought at first, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much because its not my dream role, but it has brought me a lot of joy and confidence doing this apprenticeship.

4. What would you say to any apprentice considering doing an apprenticeship programme?

It is definitely worth giving a go, you won’t regret it.

5. What knowledge and skills have your learnt so far on your apprenticeship journey?

I have learned how hard work it is being a practitioner at a nursery and how much actually goes into being one. I feel like this nursery apprenticeship has taught me a lot, most importantly when I’m a dad, how I can take care of my child better and raise them.

If you would like to follow in Darian's footsteps and kick-start your career with an apprenticeship, browse our latest vacancies here: https://www.wearegft.co.uk/vacancies/