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Apprentice Of The Month: Bibi Ruqaiyah

Nov. 17, 2021, 3:21 p.m.
Each month we like to celebrate the achievements of individual Apprentices who have gone over and above to achieve their qualification.

For the month of October, we have chosen Bibi Ruqaiyah as a worthy winner. Bibi has been presented with our Apprentice of the Month award, alongside a £10 Amazon Voucher.

Below, Bibi has provided us with insight into how her Apprenticeship is going, as well as giving advice to anyone considering completing an Apprenticeship to kick-start their career.

1. Tell us a little about why you wanted to complete this Apprenticeship...

I wanted to complete this apprenticeship because kids have always held a close place in my heart and make me happy so I thought I’d study something related to kids and grow my passion.

2. What value has the apprenticeship programme brought to you so far?

The apprenticeship holds a lot of value to me as it was something to keep me on track and going despite all the difficulties we faced especially during coronavirus and lockdown , especially the support from my tutors Sally and Leighanne.

3. Has it given you what you thought it would, so far– any surprises?

In fact this apprenticeship has given me more than I thought it would give in regards to support , teaching and meeting each individual needs.

4. What would you say to any apprentices considering an apprenticeship programme?

I would strongly promote going into an apprenticeship as you are both studying and learning at the same time , also what you learn from working you can’t just learn from only learning and who doesn’t want to earn money along side studying so it’s a win win 😊

5. What knowledge and skills have your learnt so far on your apprenticeship journey?

I have picked up so much knowledge and skills from my apprenticeship and this has all impacted my confidence hugely and made the biggest.

If you are considering completing an Apprenticeship in Childcare, like Bibi, please visit our Apprenticeship Vacancies page and apply now.