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An Update From Our Careers Lead | National Careers Week 2021

March 15, 2021, 3:40 p.m.
This week we are supporting the 10th Anniversary of National Careers Week. To celebrate our Careers Lead, Karen Barlow, has provided an insight on the recent changes to how careers advice is being delivered during the pandemic.

Karen has been continuing to support our Academy students with their career progression throughout the pandemic. She has also been offering free careers advice to young people through our Careers Hub.

"Firstly, I hope you are all keeping safe and well, and feeling a little more positive now the vaccinations are up and running, I know I am!

Right now people are feeling, understandably, very underwhelmed regarding the job situation as so many have been made redundant and lost their jobs through Covid-19 and Lockdown.

So many are desperate to find employment again, not only for financial reasons, but also for their own mental health stability.

Please do not despair as there is lots of help and support out there for you.

Birmingham City Council are putting together Virtual Careers Fairs, with lots of Employers, Training Providers and Colleges available to answer any questions you may have regarding employment and training, so watch out on the website for updates. Websites available with top tips on CV writing and interview techniques, such as our Careers Hub and the National Careers Service.

Another change to employment is the interview procedure, lots of employers are interviewing potential new employees by Zoom or Teams which is a face to face interview online! Sounds pretty daunting, but it really isn’t. The companies will make this very easy for you to attend. All you need is a tablet, mobile phone or Computer.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking it’s an easier interview, you will still have to follow normal interview protocol, don’t turn up in your PJ’s and a cup of Tea! It should be treated as if you are attending a real live face to face interview, again there are lots of tips on the GFT website to help you get the best out of an online virtual interview.

If you have any other concerns regarding finding work, please do not hesitate to contact me through our website by visiting the GFT Careers Hub 1 to 1 Support Tab."