5 Reasons To Love Apprenticeships

Feb. 14, 2022, 11:25 a.m.
It’s Valentine's Day, which gives us a reason to share our true love for Apprenticeships and all they do for our communities. Not only do Apprenticeships offer fantastic opportunities to people looking to kick-start their career, but Apprenticeships also provide the foundations to support employers and businesses with accelerating talent into their workforce. To celebrate Valentine's Day, our team has listed 5 reasons to love Apprenticeships…

1. Earn Whilst You Learn

All apprentices are entitled to wages whilst completing their role. This also includes being paid whilst you complete your 20% off-the-job training. As an apprentice, your employer will be required to pay you the National Apprenticeship Minimum Wage. The current minimum wage for Apprentices (Either under 19, or in your first year of your apprenticeship) is £4.30. This is effective as of April 2021, and will increase to £4.81 from April 2022. As an apprentice, you’re also entitled to the same additional benefits as other employees, this can include holiday pay, sick pay and pension contributions.

2. Endless Opportunities

Apprenticeships have been designed to support people with the opportunity to grow within a business. After completing their apprenticeship, a high percentage of apprentices then go on to progress with the same company, continuing with a permanent role, or further developing with a higher apprenticeship level. Employers who invest in apprenticeships are keen to support their apprentices in the long-term, meaning they are open to offering new opportunities to apprentices who have the right attitude and work ethic.

3. Gain an Industry Standard Qualification

When completing an apprenticeship, you’ll be delving into a mix of training and also practical work experience. These two sections are usually labelled as ‘on-the-job training’ and ‘off-the-job training’, which are both required to achieve the overall Apprenticeship Standard. Each Apprenticeship, at different levels, will be guided by a specific learning plan which has been written and directed by employers within the industry; ensuring that the skills, knowledge and behaviours you’re developing along your apprenticeship journey are all relevant and necessary to be qualified in your chosen field.

4. Fantastic Investment For Employers

Alongside the fantastic benefits that apprenticeships offer to people looking to kick-start their career, they also offer many exciting benefits to employers looking to grow their team. With a surge in encouragement from the government, employers currently have the option to receive funding for any apprenticeship training they want to invest in, making it easier than ever to employ an apprentice.

Employing an apprentice is a fantastic way for employers to find and grow fresh talent; from school leavers, university graduates, or even candidates looking to further develop on their existing career journey. According to Gov UK, 86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation.

5. Receive Professional Support & Guidance

The fantastic support and guidance you’ll receive, is yet another reason to love apprenticeships! Whilst completing your role, you’ll be supported by your fellow colleagues who have a wealth of experience. You’ll have the opportunity to learn by shadowing them in the workplace, and they’ll also be there to support you with any questions or queries you have.

Accompanying you on your apprenticeship journey will also be an assigned Assessor / Development Coach. Their role will be to guide you through your training, ensuring you’re on track to completing all of your assignments or preparing you for any assessments. Your Assessor will also be a point of contact if you have any concerns you want to raise outside of your workplace.