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5 Reasons To Invest In An Apprentice

Dec. 16, 2020, 5:26 p.m.
It's not just large organisations and traditional industries that are choosing the apprenticeship route. Small businesses also find it a useful way to recruit and train staff. Below we have shared five benefits of employing an apprentice:

1. Recruitment

You may be looking to fill vacancies, but haven’t yet found the right candidate due to applicants having lack of training. By investing in an apprentice, you could add value and attract the right individual by making the vacancy an apprenticeship position.

2. A breath of fresh air

Introducing some diverse talent can add a whole new dimension to your workplace, bringing with it new ideas and a fresh perspective. This can spark a boost in overall business productivity in existing employees.

3. Up-Skilling

Should your workforce have any skills gaps, taking on apprentices can help you improve the range of skills you have within your organisation. Giving your business the ability to develop the highly skilled workforce you require by giving existing employees the ability to learn and develop new skills.

It also encourages individuals to progress and develop with their careers at your company. Helping them climb the ladder and secure a higher position.

4. Productivity

There is evidence that employing and training apprentices can improve the productivity of companies. According to the Government website, more than three quarters (76%) of employers say that productivity has improved.

5. Increase Retention

As well as helping you to gain the right kind of skills you need for your business, employing an apprentice can also aid staff retention, providing you with loyal and skilled staff for the future.

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