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3 Ways To Find A Job With Little Work Experience

March 15, 2021, 3:33 p.m.
One of the hardest barriers when finding your first job is often having the right experience, this can be particularly hard for first time job seekers who have spend the majority of their lives in School achieving qualifications.

Below, our team have shared 3 ways you can adapt your job search to ensure you still have a great chance of securing a role in your chosen career sector.

1. Refine your skills and apply them to practical experiences

Compare the skills you currently have against the ones that are required on the job vacancy advert. Match up the ones you feel fit best and then consider seeking some opportunities that would help show you can apply these skills to practical situations. A great example of this would be a 'Teamwork' skill, you could apply this in a real life experience by joining a sports team.

2. Consider Volunteering

Volunteering opportunities are often not talked about enough when it comes to helping you secure future employment. People are often turned away by the thought of not being paid for their time, which is understandable, however it is important to keep in mind that there is more value from volunteering than just money. Volunteering can provide you with a wealth of experience, new skills and most importantly great contacts.

After completing a volunteering placement, you will also have the reward of receiving a positive reference that provides proof that you possess key employability skills. This is invaluable evidence to include on your application or CV.

3. Consider an Apprenticeship or Traineeship

Apprenticeships and Traineeships are perfect for new job seekers who are lacking practical experience. If you know which sector you want to work in and have a certain career choice, you may be ready to go straight into an Apprenticeship, this route into work will provide you with the relevant on the job training, so you can 'earn whilst you learn'. It is important to keep in mind that in order to secure an Apprenticeship, you will need a certain amount of work experience depending on the Employer. The employer won't be expecting a vast amount of experience, they will just want to know that you have key employability skills and that you have the right attitude to learn and grow with their company.

If you're struggling to decide on a career choice, have little or no work experience and also feel you need to improve on your employability skills then a Traineeship / Study Programme may be more suited to you. This route into employment aims to prepare you for the world of work by providing you with the relevant personal and social development, employability training and an industry placement in your chosen sector of work. To find out more, visit our Access To Employment information page.